Harsha Munasinghe


George Brown College





Dr. Harsha Munasinghe, with over 30 years of teaching and research experience in architectural and design education, is currently attached to the School of Architectural Studies, George Brown College, Toronto, Canada. Before joining GBC, he was attached to University of Kyushu, Japan, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and Aalto University, Finland. He defended his doctoral dissertation, Urban Conservation and City Life at University of Oulu in Finland. 

Area of Interests

  • City in Territory: Convergence of Culture and Urban Development
  • Living in Silo and Walkable City: Condominium trend and fragmented urban society
  • 3-D approach to low carbon neighbourhoods: Re-Designing Diversity and Density of urban vertical neighbourhoods
  • Collaborative Design Teaching
  • Morphology and Typology of urban space
  • Disaster resilient urban space planning
  • Eco-city planning