Editor Guidelines

Editors are the power sources for the Journals. Editors ought to be responsible for the peer review process and the content of the journal. Editors should handle the peer review process for all assigned manuscripts, and give suggestions on the acceptance or rejection of a paper. Below are some guidelines for editors:

  • If the assigned article is out of research interest or might be busy with other responsibilities he/ she can directly intimate to the editorial office within 48 hours of his/her busy commitments. So, that the editorial manager can assign the article to other editor members for speedy processing.
  • Editors should review at least two manuscripts per month.
  • Editors be supposed to convey their view regarding the manuscript whether it falls beneath the scope of the journal or not.
  • Rapid response from Editors is very important to maintain the proper time constraints.
  • Editors are appealed to submit articles to the journal to release an issue within the preferred time.
  • Always we welcome ideas and suggestions from the Editors.
  • The editor should take the final decision regarding the article’s acceptance or rejection.
  • Follow us on social media and participate actively in the conversations.
  • If you change Universities, institutions, Hospitals, etc. send your updated CV.
  • Decision-making should be ideal and accurate so that the writer cannot blame the editor and the editorial office.
  • The decisions of the Editorial Board must never be partial by any external feature, (i.e. the origin, nationality, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or political views of the author).