Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering unites both physical and scientific principles from various zones around the world and it is proficient in designing order that manages the plan, development, and support of the physical and usually manufactured condition, including open works, streets, spans, waterways, dams, air terminals, sewerage frameworks, pipelines, auxiliary parts of structures, and railroads.

Journal of Architectural Design and Construction Technology is an open access journal proposed to combine the various zones of Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering around the world. The objective of this journal is to combine theory and practice in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering, and advancement. It will give a stage to academicians, analysts and specialists to share their experience and answer for issues in various areas, which distributes top-level work and It contains articles on structure building, geotechnics, development, designing, building mechanics and building materials, structural designing, building construction, hydro specialized building, seismic tremors, water assets, and pressure driven structures, development of construction material, Geology, Geotechnical and Geospatial building. Construction Engineering deals with arranging, planning, evaluating, regulating, supervising, development, execution, and maintenance of constructions like buildings, roads, streets, bridges and dams and Modern inventive, natural methodology and Innovation.


Advantages of Publishing:

  • To assist and improve composing on research abilities
  • To experience the academic publication process.
  • To interface with professors and Senior analysts.
  • To presentation authority and activity.
  • To professionalize the experience.
  • To educate a future profession way and career path.

Aim & Scope


Journal of Architectural Design and Construction Technology is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that distributes unique research articles and audit articles in every aspect of Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering. The Journal is a peer-reviewed, expects to give the most complete and dense source of data on advancements in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering, and which includes researchers and practitioners for industry, government and academy. JADCT Research and Development is a universal research Journal, committed to unique and interdisciplinary, peer-assessed papers on hypothetical and research identified with Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering with comparable prominence on all topics.


JADCT initiates all the current; upcoming or future perspective of research in the field of Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering which deals with the immense aspects of architectural design, design management, construction management, engineering management of major infrastructure projects, and the operation and management of constructed facilities.

Emergent developments and technologies:

  • Integration of architectural and engineering design
  • Integration of building design and construction
  • Building design management; planning and co-ordination, information and knowledge management, vale engineering and value management
  • Collaborative working and collaborative visualization in building design
  • Architectural technology
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Building thermal, aural, visual and structural performance
  • Education and architectural engineering



  • Ancient architecture
  • Architectural technology
  • Architectural theory
  • Asian architecture
  • Business architecture
  • Computer architecture
  • Dravidian architecture
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Organic architecture
  • Renaissance and the architect
  • Software architecture
  • System architecture
  • Architectural Programming and visualization
  • Architectural history and conservation
  • People Environment and Buildings
  • Construction Industry
  • Modular Construction
  • Architecture and Infrastructure Design
  • Energy for Building and Construction Development
  • Construction Engineering and Management
  • Constructions Technology Economy and Management
  • Urban Planning
  • Computer Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Environmental Architecture
  • Architecture and Housing
  • Architectural Studies
  • Interior Architecture and Art
  • Civil Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering Research
  • Urban Analytics and City Science
  • Architectural Time Management
  • Architectural Estimation
  • Building Environmental Control System
  • Building Environmental Experiment & Design
  • Plumbing System in Building
  • Architectural Materials
  • Quality Control and Assurance in Architectural Engineering
  • Architectural drawing
  • Architectural firm
  • Architecture today
  • Building materials
  • Cognitive architecture
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Early modern and the industrial age
  • Interior architecture
  • Naval architectural engineering
  • Origins and vernacular architecture
  • Sociology of architecture
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Architectural Design Studio
  • Education and Architectural engineering
  • Computer Techniques in Architectural design
  • Building design and construction
  • Safety Management in Construction
  • Steel Structure and Construction
  • Structural and Construction Engineering
  • Construction Market Research and Industry Analysis
  • Building Technology and Construction Management
  • Design Theories
  • Interior Architecture
  • Regional and Architectural Planning
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Urban and Architectural Design
  • Architectural Planning
  • Housing Engineering
  • Environmental Design
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Environment and Planning
  • Geohazards in relation to Urban development and management
  • Architectural Construction
  • Architectural Structure
  • Sustainable Energy System
  • Architectural Air-conditioning System
  • Building Automation Control System
  • Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures