About Us

Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering unites both physical and scientific principles from various zones around the world and it is proficient in designing order that manages the plan, development, and support of the physical and usually manufactured condition, including open works, streets, spans, waterways, dams, air terminals, sewerage frameworks, pipelines, auxiliary parts of structures, and railroads.

Journal of Architectural is an open-access journal proposed to combine the various zones of Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering around the world. The objective of this journal is to combine theory and practice in Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering, and advancement. It will give a stage to academicians, analysts, and specialists to share their experience and answer for issues in various areas, which distributes top-level work It contains articles on structure building, geotechnics, development, designing, building mechanics and building materials, structural designing, building construction, hydro specialized building, seismic tremors, water assets, and pressure-driven structures, development of construction material, Geology, Geotechnical, and Geospatial building. Construction Engineering deals with arranging, planning, evaluating, regulating, supervising, developing, executing, and maintenance of constructions like buildings, roads, streets, bridges, and dams and Modern inventive, natural methodology, and Innovation.

Advantages of Publishing:

  • To assist and improve composing on research abilities
  • To experience the academic publication process.
  • To interface with professors and Senior analysts.
  • To present authority and activity.
  • To professionalize the experience.
  • To educate a future professional way and career path.