Zhaolong Wang


Shanghai Jiaotong University





Professor Wang is Principal Investigator and executive director at Turfgrass Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. His researches mainly focused on the design, construction, and maintenance of extensive green roofs, the mechanism of plant tolerance to abiotic stresses (drought, heat, heavy metals), centipedegrass breeding for the eco-maintenance turf, and the ecological management techniques for golf courses and sports turf. He published over 50 research articles in international refereed journals and released “civil” centipedegrass for low-maintenance green roofs and “Fairway” centipedegrass for sports fields. He serves as the Board of Directors in the International Turfgrass Society and World Green Infrastructure Network, Deputy director in Course Management Committee of Chinese Golf Association, Turfgrass Committee of Chinese Grass Society.

Area of Interests

  • Zero-waste urban design based on green roofs
  • Maximize rainwater retention for non-irrigation green roof design
  • Mechanism of heavy metal phytoremediation
  • Turfgrass stress physiology